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Knurly elements

Knurly elements are an assembly of Knurly desk, Knurly coffee table 90, Knurly table 45 and Knurly dine table

Knurly elements were inspired by what is known as a function-based surface treatment of metal knobs called knurling. Pushing the process to its limits reveals a new perception of knurly shape, resembling forme is thus the transformation of scale, form and material.

Made out of oak wood with a matt finish. The wood is carefully selected for this piece to avoid any knots and to ensure consistent surface design. Variations in the surface and colour occur for each piece due to the natural materials we use, giving each a unique appearance.

The functional details of the Knurly desk were designed to stand out as little as possible. Making them fused with the wood grain direction allows the knurly pattern to be the main focus for the eye.

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