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Shipping and returns

I. Locations for delivery

We ship worldwide.

By placing an enquiry we'll check shipping prices and inform you of our offer.

Arranging your own shipping is possible under the condition that the package is considered delivered by Bovton d.o.o. at the time of collection by Cliente or any other delivery services from our address.

I. Delivery

1. The term for delivery given by Bovton d.o.o. is provided as an indication only and shall never constitute a fixed or fatal deadline. Should a term for delivery be exceeded, this shall not give the purchaser the right to claim compensation. Unless it concerns a Consumer Purchase, Bovton d.o.o. shall have to be notified in writing by the Client for late delivery and shall have to be granted a reasonable term for delivery before being in default.

2. Should delivery be delayed either because a product is (temporarily) out of stock, or for other reasons, or should it not be possible to execute all or part of an order/Agreement, the Client shall be notified of this no later than three weeks after payment of the purchase. The purchaser shall in such a case have the right to cancel the order without incurring costs.

3. Bovton d.o.o. determines the method of transport of the goods ordered via the Lotti Gostic Studio webshop, unless otherwise agreed.

4. The risk of and the responsibility for the products transfer to the Client at the moment of delivery. Delivery to the Client takes place at the moment that the products leave Bovton d.o.o.’s premises or storage. Products are considered to be delivered to a Consumer at the moment the products are delivered at the address provided by the Consumer or in the absence of the Consumer at the post office, at the Consumer's neighbours or (with Consumer's consent) another third party.

5. If a delivery is rejected by a Client the costs arising from this rejection can be charged to the Client as well as the damages suffered by Bovton d.o.o.

II. Cancellation of the purchase agreement

1. Purchase orders can only be altered or cancelled with Bovton d.o.o.’s consent. If Bovton d.o.o. has already made expenses or has to make expenses caused by alteration of cancellation of the purchase order, Bovton d.o.o. is entitled to payment of these costs by the Client except in case of purchases as mentioned in article VI.2 and VI.3.

2. In case of a distance sale Consumers are entitled to cancel the purchase agreement without a given reason within 14 working days after receipt of the products. When returning products, shipping costs are at the expense of the Consumer.

3. Consumers can only use the right to cancel the purchase agreement in case products are returned in a complete, undamaged, unused state and with the original packaging. The returned products need to be in possession of Bovton d.o.o. no later than on the 21st day after receipt of the product by the Consumer. The product to be returned needs to be stamped sufficiently. The shipping risk and proof rest with the Client. In case of cancellation of a distance sale by a Consumer as stated in VI.2 and VI.3, Bovton d.o.o. will take care of repayment of the purchase price as paid by the Consumer within thirty days after receipt of the returned product.


4. Articles VI.2 and VI.3 are not applicable to the distance sale to Consumers regarding:

a. Products of which the price is dependent on changes in the financial market which cannot be influenced by Bovton d.o.o.;

b. Products which are produced according to the specifications of the Consumer or;

c. Products that clearly have a personal character;

d. Can not be returned because of the nature of the product.

5. Delivered products can only be returned after the prior written consent of Bovton d.o.o. and according to the instructions given by Bovton d.o.o. with regard to the manner of returning the products.

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