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Sophisticated lighting collection specialised for hospitality projects


The inspiration for the appearance of Blend collection lights came from Studio’s previous collection which was inspired by the knurling pattern. The pattern has now become a symbol for the studio and is often incorporated into its designs. The Blend collection is the first lighting collection the studio has designed however the studio has experience designing custom lights for different hospitality projects.

Typology of light

The light was designed for various placements - wall, ceiling, standing and table. The light is designed especially for hospitality projects which require consistency throughout different functionalities and ambients of spaces. The main difference between a wall, ceiling and standing, table light is the rotating stand. The rotating frame is shaped in a “bob” haircut style, it is clean and sophisticated just like the pattern. As the appearance of the light is highly decorative its main function is ambient light however, depending on the light source, it is suitable to be considered for all types of spaces.

We design for designers and architects

The studio specialises in hospitality and retail projects therefore our furniture and products focus on the market that fits other interior designers and architects.

Products that fit spaces

Blend lights are perfect for hospitality projects like restaurants, bars, lobbies, lounges, and hotel rooms as they make sure to give a statement and still fit real spaces.

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