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Sphere house

The future of interior

The idea of a new architecture was to go from old to new using opposites. In recent decades time has shifted forward in many areas: industry, culture, technology... However, some habits that are still used in interior spaces nowadays are a memory of the past rather than a meaningful solution.

In the past the majority of houses in Slovenia were built in a very similar layout. Their floor plans were practically identical - combining the same sequence of the same rooms regardles of how many people lived in the house.

I wanted to take the traditional "rules" of old houses of Slovenia and changed them to opposites but still keep a connection with the old style of layout and keep the meaning of elements that are dominant in these layouts.

The Sphere house is a selfish vision of qualities I'm most eager to aim for myself in the space I want to live in. A lot of light, a view at the top and a blurred line between the inside and the outside are elements of freedom, quietness and peace. With no borders, a human is left to experience the world and nature every day as it is, it can't be hidden inside to create its version of it.

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